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Award-winning journalist Richard Martin has been covering the energy landscape for nearly two decades.

richard martin A contributing editor for Wired since 2002, he has written about energy, technology, and international affairs for Time, Fortune, The Atlantic, and the Asian Wall Street Journal, and many other publications.  The editorial director for Pike Research, the leading cleantech research and analysis firm, he blogs regularly on the future of energy for Forbes.com. He is the former Technology Producer for ABCNews.com, Technology Editor for The Industry Standard (2000-2001), and Editor-at- Large for Information Week (2005-2008).

Among other honors, Martin is the recipient of the “Excellence in Feature Writing" Award from the Society for Professional Journalists and the White Award for Investigative Reporting. His article, “The God Particle & the Grid,” published by Wired, was selected for Best Science Writing of 2004. Educated at Yale and the University of Hong Kong, he lives in Boulder, Colorado with his wife and son.

Martin’s writing on the future of energy has taken him around the world. In 1997 he spent three months in Aerbaijan and Kazakhstan, as one of the first western journalists to report on the last great oil rush of the 20th century, the Caspian Sea oil boom. Shortly after 9/11/2001 he traveled to London to profile Shell’s futurists, the Scenario Group, for Business 2.0. In Canada’s far north, Martin descended 600 feet underground for a rare close-up of the world’s richest uranium mine, and he travelled across Alaska’s forbidding North Slope to report on new horizontal drilling techniques for extracting oil from under the permafrost near the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. In December, 2009, he broke the news of the thorium revival in a groundbreaking article for Wired.